The Sacred Year Michael Yankoski shares his own story of experimenting with spiritual practices in “The Sacred Year” (Thomas Nelson, 2014), and how he found a meaningful faith. He guides the reader on a pilgrimage of exploring practices that usher one into a deeper life with himself, God and one another.      Trivial…


Plotting a new course

enjivar’s parents knew they needed to leave El Salvador––an epicenter of Central America’s gang crisis––to make a better life for their son. They immigrated to the United States, yet where they ended up wasn’t much better than what they left behind. Not far from where the family touched down in Watts, Calif., the Los Angeles…

Richard and Edith Mabie with Captain Jerry Pigeon | Photo by Ron Bawden and Cashman Photo Enterprises

Remaining true

hen Richard did arrive, she told him he could only visit the kids one day a week. Edith said each time he visited she would do a “proof and search” to ensure he had proof of employment, a bank account, driver’s license, and registration. She also checked his pockets and car for drugs. In time,…


Can a job save the world?

ecky Straw has an energy and zeal you can feel. She has an ease about her that permeates from her hazel-green eyes. Straw is the co-founder of the nonprofit The Adventure Project, admittedly not a path she expected to take. To date, it has partnered with four social ventures in four developing countries. Each venture…


Riding through recovery

By Alyssa Sharrock While the road to recovery from addiction or trauma is particularly long and bumpy, any road is better traveled on a bicycle. Gearing Up offers women in transition from abuse, addiction or incarceration the skills, equipment and guidance to safely ride a bicycle for exercise, transportation and personal growth. Enrollment in this…


In Competition, learning skills

By Vivian Gatica The first Special Olympic Games, founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, took place in 1968 to give athletes with intellectual disabilities a chance to compete. Since then, it has grown into a global movement with over 4 million athletes at its forefront. Through the Special Olympics, athletes train for competition, but also learn…


Peace by all accounts

Relationships and work are two of the biggest stressors among Americans, yet neither, according to the American Psychological Association, evoke more unease and anxiety than money. “People say that money can’t buy you happiness, but having a ton of debt can certainly make you unhappy,” said Alex Matjanec, co-founder of, an independent financial resource….


Carry an education

A porter named Benson helped Matthew Clough summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, carrying a heavy rucksack and thus enabling Clough to reach the top. On the climb down, Clough learned that Benson didn’t earn enough to put a child through school. Eager to help, Clough set out to design back home. He bought a sewing machine and…


Exercising creative potential

By Emmaly Wiederholt One of the greatest gifts a child can receive is the gift of creativity. Whether that gift is bestowed in the form of music, theater, dance or fine art, the ability to create is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Regardless of whether a child chooses to pursue the arts…


On the Record

By Erica Andrews Everything is dark—you can’t make out figures and shapes, and you stumble to gather your footing. This is every day for Louis Posen; he’s legally blind. Yet Posen has been right at the helm of Hopeless Records for the last 20 years, which through its “Take Action Tour” has raised $2 million…